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Wheel Spacers


Kits and Spacers


The simple wheel spacers are aluminum discs for small thicknesses. The Double Centering are like simple but centering on the vehicle hub and rim for perfect balance . Supplied with screws or studs longest .




Kits and spacer double centering and double locking


The spacers D / C double centering and D / F ( double locking ) have the same characteristics as those of D / A but with an added advantage since it is screwed directly to the vehicle . Ideal for vehicles with nuts and 4 × 4 .


Converters Adapters


The adapters and converters manufacture and use are the same as those of A / C and D / F but are specific to change another anchored of a different brand.



Here you can see the difference without the separator and the separator 


The purpose of the separator is to improve the visual aesthetics and also get more stability by increasing the width of the car


In this photograph you can see which way will the spacer installed



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